Day 17


Success is the achievement of something planned or attempted that turns out as planned. The minute you entered this world you were a success. Your birth is a testament of God's greatness. He desires and wants you to experience success by being the extraordinary being he created you to be. Discuss various aspects of success and how these successful opportunities have prepared you for your extraordinary life.


  1. The extraordinary life starts at home. The successful achievement obtained was starting a business at home to be with my children. It was successful in that it continues with my son and his daughter.
    The mother is a surgical nurse, working 3 days, 12 hour shift on the week end and my son, takes over. The extraordinary life starts at home first, and spreads abroad.
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  2. Trials, obstacles, facing weakness, and confronting insecurities are a few elements of success. There were times in my life where I felt the challenge/test was beyond reach....only to realize that the "good and bad"played instrumental parts in what I now label as "success"