Day 9


Discipline is scary, but we must remember discipline is a friend. Discipline reminds use what we need to do and why we are doing what we do. It helps us stay the course. When we want to stray, discipline is there to slap us in the face, and provides us with correct action. Discuss how being disciplined helps you move forward on this extraordinary journey.


  1. I discipline myself to complete as much as I can each day and not procastinate. I pace myself and try to be conscience of my 'to do' list

  2. Discipline helps me stay focused and not to procrastinate. The EXTRAORDINARY reminder, I read each morning. Thank you sweetcake.

  3. Discipline helps me in my Extraordinary Journey by creating a competition within myself. It constantly reminds me to compare my past to my present. I've come so far and i can't afford to go back to sinful, lazy, dysfunctional ways. Every time one i sense or see myself reverting back, i pray, and discipline myself to push through it. To prove to myself that I'm on mission and nothing will get in my way.

  4. Minister and ProphetessApril 15, 2013 at 8:42 AM

    Discipline is a necessary practice, just as education is repetitive
    so is a discipline. To complete a task or goal we must keep to it.
    We must fix it to our character and dna. It must be a distinct and
    dominate driver in our thought processes in order to achieve our destinies and goals in life. Successful people are disciplined people, any winner of any endeavor had to become disciplined to allow it to manifest in their life. Your priority is disciplined, and it will yield for you the consistent energy and progress towards the desired outcome you seek, if you remain disciplined.
    My prayer for people from every nation of life, is they attach themselves to the living water of the fountain of discipline from the well spring of Jesus the Christ the risen Son of God. His discipline saved us with an obedience that took him all the way to a sacrifice of his very life. He is risen and waits for us to seek
    him as he died and rose again for us. He didn't have to but his great love and discipline to obey his mission to seek and save the lost allowed it to be so. We have a great example in the word of God. Not just lip service but deed as well. The hour is late, let us be pleasing vessels of honor to Jesus the risen Son of God, our LORD and Master of our self will. God Speed............ love you much.