Day 60

Plan of Action (new post)

This is it. Once you complete your action plan, you have completed the 60 Day Challenge. You are extraordinary, and you have aligned your mind, body and soul. Take control of your life and live each day to its fullest. Your plan should include the following: your core values, a strategic goal, strategy, objective, responsibility and a time line. Work your plan and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Day 59

Goals and Objectives

Extraordinary people create goals and objectives. These goals and objectives help them live the that they were put her to live. Discuss your overall goals and objectives.

Day 58


Your vision speaks volumes. It is the radiant light that shines brightly for others to see that you do exist. As an extraordinary being your vision is imperative. Behold, speak your vision into existence and be the torch of wisdom for others to carry.

Day 57


A mission is a task that you believe it is your duty to carry out. It is significant and you give it your time and energy to make sure it is completed. Create your mission statement for living an extraordinary life.

Day 56


Webster dictionary states the soul is the complex of human attributes that manifests as consciousness, thought, feeling, and will, regarded as distinct from the physical body. Your soul is a part of who you are and when it is not in alignment with the mind and body it is out of sync.What are you doing to align your mind, body and soul?

Day 55


Do you love your body? Are you treating your body with dignity and respect? Can you honestly say your body is your temple? How are you aligning your body with your mind and your soul?

Day 54


You must exercise your mind. The brain is a muscle and when not used the muscle becomes a big blob of mess. Extraordinary people exercise their minds on a daily basis. How do you work that muscle and make sure it is receiving the proper nutrients?